Why It's Time for the Voters to Decide. Answering Common Concerns. With Complete Transparency.

Yes for San Diego. Yes on D is a measure that simplifies a current system that is both complex and non-transparent. It makes three changes to San Diego's tourism industry:

  1. Yes for San Diego. Yes on D subjects the hotel room tax (“TOT”) paid by visitors to full disclosure and a public vote at a competitive rate of 15.5% (equal to L.A. and below what San Diegans pay when they visit San Francisco or Anaheim).
  2. The measure allows for limited financial incentives when hoteliers spend their own money to promote the city or build tourism-related facilities.
  3. The measure assures that tourism-related development protects and promotes our most critical environmental and educational resources in our two most impacted areas -- our bay fronts and the San Diego River Valley.

Some people assume the voters are less capable than the politicians. We disagree.

Yes for San Diego. Yes on D allows voters to consider the complicated back-room deals previously cut between the hotel industry and the politicians and, instead, unify behind a simple and transparent solution for our City.

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Diverse Coalition:

People from Across San Diego are Coming Together to Support Yes for San Diego. Yes on D.

What do all of these groups have in common? They want responsible management of San Diego’s major tourism and entertainment resources.

The Measure That Brings America’s Finest City Together

Enough division. Time for us to work together. All of Us. Businesses. Citizens. Sports Teams. Universities. Local Officials. And those who visit America's Finest City. 

Our City's future is not a zero-sum game. 

Yes For San Diego. Yes on D is the product of collaboration. And the result is a unified vision for San Diego’s future that none of us could accomplish alone.

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